Nutrifres As A Fruit Juice Concentrate Supplier

Real fruits have been pressed and yield—defining Nutrifres as a ready-to-drink bottled beverage, as well as primarily a fruit juice concentrate supplier now catering to the Philippines libation marketplace.


55 Million Of Juice Bottles Have Been Sold

Two decades of a journey in promoting concentrated fruit juices have taken Nutrifres far and wide, which sees our complete beverage catalog being used in everyday drinks.

From the choice of having poured a mango or even orange flavor for a sip, to pineapple and even strawberry as a taste replacement, 55 million bottles of fruit juices have been sold - which has, in fact, made Nutrifres ever more popularized across the Asian region.

And never strange in the tales of FMCG expansion, that it's gratitude among strategic partnerships that pivoted this fruit juice concentrate supplier - as well as making Nutrifres for who we are.

24 Flavors And Higher

If variety's the interest, so also our positioning in fruit juice concentrates - by having at least 24 flavors freshly prepared and available. Come view what's in store with Nutrifres - real fruits, all liquified:

A Multipurpose Juice Concentrate

Don't be troubled by what our tangs can do, and instead put that passionate focus into what Nutrifres' liquids can make, as well as delighting daily mood with this juice concentrate.

If it's a table to be served, this bottle of fruit drink could be shared alongside a meal dining tradition. Call for lunch, a coffee time, casual, and in corporate meet up, Nutrifres' to be seen in all occasions - quenching the thirst while elevating the atmosphere.

And the possibilities are endless. Just as it's advertised to be multipurpose, Nutrifres' juice concentrates certainly lives up to its commercial story - under a 3-point fact in which this beverage manufacturer understands why:


Beverage Convenience

Cool are fresh supplies of raw fruits and vegetables being used, yet of necessity the produce is often without stock.

This is where beverage convenience comes in - being a fruit juice concentrate supplier, and in the fast moving consumer goods line, the chef or the baker may make quick finish of a recipe that satisfy awaiting hungry customers.

Personalized Drink

No two preferences are exactly alike - for which the taste that comes in fruit juices are subjected to personal liking.

But having said of Nutrifres being made with REAL fruits and concentrated into a bottle, it ain't strange to say our standardized guideline for a mug-filled beverage could still be relatively sweet to some.

And if it's the case, dilute that fruit juice concentrate with higher parts of water, or better yet, personalized your own drink.

Rapport-Building Support

Triumphing in the niche of fruit juice concentrate manufacturing is no common feat, making Nutrifres rare, yet a leading powerhouse with a paramount supporting crew improved by the trials and tribulations faced only in the food & beverage industry.

Against the fast-pace, continuous trend-changing lifestyle, Nutrifres prides for a rapport building support for long-term relationship success.

Versatile Market Segment With Nutrifres

By end use, our versatile beverages have been seen across various market segments, thanking multipurpose in production by this fruit juice concentrate supplier. You may:

  • See crewmates storing Nutrifres as food supplies before a sail, serving as a recipe that nourishes laborers in offshore places.

  • Bake up a strawberry-flavored cake, the supplying of concentrated juice have been seen amongst the bakery.

  • Whip out a mango-mixed drink, or a cocktail seen within bars and beverage shops (Horeca) that entices casual mood.

You see of various concentrated juice applications found? This coincides with flexible exporting usages, which is seen in...

20+ Countries Having Nutrifres' Juice Concentrates

Philippines is no sole kingdom that now enjoys the flavor of our fruit drinks - amid the market interception of the global FMCG industry. As a matter of fact, 20 nations and counting—across Asia and even Europe—have reaped the benefits from Nutrifres, marking an interesting tabulation of data that corresponds to juice concentrate preferences. Guava beverage may be idolized in one, yet calamansi could be preferred into another region.

95 Percent Of Automation For FMCG Use

Impeccable quality standards are what Nutrifres strived, and in the bidding for controlled juice concentrate yield - for all batches of bottled beverages found as well as achieving hygiene pasteurization standards, our manufacturing processes are 95% automated for fast moving consumer goods consistency. Likewise, it's also because of automation that this fruit juice concentrate supplier has achieved numerous awards and certification.