about nutrifres

A world recognized brand of fruit juice concentrate is what we aim.

With a factory based in Shah Alam, Malaysia, Nutrifres has seen demands of an steady, upward bottling trajectory since the year 2000.

Today, through dependable delivery system and efficient administration, our market coverage is more widespread under the gift of information technology.

The tagline, "Nutrifres Fruit Juice, Not Just Drinking Juice," was derived—out of market reports—that our beverages have been used across various sectors, effectively proving to be multipurpose.

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A Motto We Live By

Every company has its culture – and so as Nutrifres. Here’s a belief in what we stood and live by – through a philosophy of J.U.I.C.E, carried and practiced in our daily dabble, as well as being used and emphasized among our consumers:


Real fruits. Strong tang. Concentrated fruit juices are what we aimed, carrying an angle that differentiates Nutrifres from the average competition. In this milestone of condensed flavor being made as drinks, your taste bud will feel the judder.


The world's abundant of vegetable produce that makes variety as a spice of life, so also Nutrifres having catalog the various kinds of fruits - as a unity, with at least 24 harvest being seen, for different juice concentrates catered to distinct tasting appeal.


No bull will be mentioned. And for what is said, will be what Nutrifres shall deliver - 100%. Through our ads, within our conversations, and found among our deliverables. Thus it's in our integrity, as our pride, to be completely transparent.  We believe that honesty is the best policy.


You will not feel the difference in taste - from batch to batch, in purchasing our cartons and pallets of fruit juice concentrates. Nutrifres features a stringent quality control at every point of production, and ensures a manufacturing consistency in delivering beverages.


Top notch product value is what we strive, making the usage of our fruit juices impeccable in quality. Yet in the interest of innovation, and creativity, Nutrifres attempts to improve its brand and inventories continuously. Excellence is definitely what we aimed.

Automated Production Deployment

Decades of operation have allowed a time frame of systematic scaling and growth, shifting from manual workforce and into the prioritizing of automation.

To date, Nutrifres production is 95% automated, including:

  • Auto-Mixing
  • Auto-Labeling
  • Auto-Filing & Capping
  • Auto-Cartoning
  • Auto-Quality Asssurance

Multi-Cultural Team With Nutrifres

The heart of a culture is the comfort of a corporate's working space, in which Nutrifres' promotes a harmonious upbringing, as well as growth.

Comprised of members in the society of different origins, we bring together an in-house team of bright and hardworking personnel - of over 9 different countries, as well as partnering with different countrymen for distributorship.

Gold Supplier Labeled With DagangHalal

For a reputable B2B marketplace known to recognize permissible brands only - where leading enterprises and organizations may view a catalog of Halal-supporting corporates, Nutrifres is proud to be categorized as a Gold Supplier by DagangHalal.

And being labeled as one signifies the credibility and/or authenticity of being a Halal-based juice concentrated supplier, at which this brand of FMCG have passed a formality of de facto Know Your Customer (KYC) examination.

our road map

First factory was set-up in Shah Alam

JAKIM Halal-certification achievement

Nutrifres – ISO 22000: 2005 food safety management recognized

Winner Of Most Supportive Entrepreneur Award in MIHAS (Malaysia International Halal Showcase) 2010

Nutrifres have become a successful international business

Awarded Asia Pacific Entrepreneur 2011 achievement

Nutrifres is now a USA FDA-Certified manufacturer, in order to penetrate the American marketplace

Achieved GMP, HAACP & MeSTI manufacturing  certificates

SME Corporation & SIRIM QAS Malaysia Honors

MIHAS 12th Special Recognition Award (National Booth Category) achievement

Migrated to a larger capacity production plant

Awards & Certificates

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