Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

There are currently two internationally recognized certificates with Nutrifres’ juice concentrates, which are:

  • GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), and

The two recognitions belong to two separate globally practiced food safety management systems. Yet at the same time, Nutrifres is also FDA (Food & Drug Administration of United States) certified, as well as Halal by JAKIM and MeSTI (of Malaysian Food Hygiene acceptance) achieved for further penetration of various other market segments, in order to expand further revenue.

All these certifications were raised throughout a timeline of 20 years, but still Nutrifres is focused with the intentions on raising more for the same cause of helping consumers, by gathering it to enter even more marketplace. 

All fruit juice concentrates are ordered in bulks of 1x 20′ GP (General Purpose) container, which consists of 1620 carton per shipment.

Each carton features 12 bottles of a fruit juice concentrate, with individual volumes of 900ml.

In the sense of uniqueness, it could be said since Nutrifres’ inception, we’ve taken an angle of supplying concentrated fruit juices made with real fruits. And because each bottles are concentrated, it could also be said that Nutrifres itself are premium in supply quality. This is simply boosted by using your own recipe creation through creativity and innovation and having your own unique taste and preferences.

Plenty. A myriad of use to simply put, and limited only by one’s imagination. Nutrifres’ products are designed and created to be multipurpose at hand, this means that it can be applied towards various different fields, including the HORECA industry, acting as part of a core ingredient list towards other manufacturer’s products (take energy drink for example), to baking cakes and breads, to serving diners in restaurants and so forth and so on.

This is subjective, but Nutrifres can be used across various industries. We’ve also witnessed our juice concentrates being applied towards camping use and also as stocked supplies for offshore laboring purposes. However, we are primarily seeing our customer base being centered towards hotels, restaurants, cafe, canteen, retails, commercial / manufacturing use, individual households, bars, and even bubble tea shops.

Yes, Nutrifres does offer a supplying partnership of OEM juice concentrates – despite us being a reputable brand ourselves in selling bottled juices. Please do contact us to enquire for more details.

Recipe inspirations can be obtained off our top menu section, which has been positioned to inspire visitors and chefs of free recipes he/she may produce – using Nutrifres’ line of concentrated juices.

All beverages developed by Nutrifres features a fresh shelf-life of 18 months, and this is because whenever new orders are finalized, the processing of bottled juices shall take place after. This equally meant that real fruits – whether raw vegetable produce, or purees (depending on the juices being manufactured) are freshly supplied and used, in order to make your batch of concentrated juices.

As for storage conditions, it is reminded that products created by Nutrifres should be kept in a dry and cool place (between 20 – 28 Celsius). It is also emphasized that our juice concentrates should be kept away from direct sun light.

We do, as a matter of fact. Although Nutrifres sells 900ml primarily in quantities, 5kg and 30kg drums are equally available to large-capacity manufacturers. This is exclusive only under personal request, which can be sought for through our sales lead.

The best match are always drinks or beverages found in daily lifestyle, which can be both coffee and tea,  soda drink, cocktails or even mocktails, and let alone mixing various fruit drinks. Yet as of the recent years, Nutrifres have seen a boom in the trend of milk tea, to which we can safely say our bottled liquids have complemented well.

We can think of plenty of reasons why Nutrifres were mainly chosen, or that various trusts were placed onto us. Sure, by household recognition or through plain advertising people indeed may have found us with, but we actually like to go deeper in reasoning – we think that our structural and management integrity of supplying concentrated fruit juices for more than 20 years have positioned Nutrifres into the limelight, which is all to thank our experienced internal team as well as exporters found.

We also think that our angle of approach in the development of juice concentrates were also what separates the competition in its pioneering stage, and by introducing all kinds of different fruits out there, a unique blend of Asian and/or even global taste can be achieved.

By complementing, we can safely say that virtually everything about Nutrifres is technological and digital innovation-oriented. Hands-down from the bottom up, and we can assure this. For example, it coexists with our juice concentrates for technology makes processing incredibly efficient. It may also come from internal filing and storage purposes to expedite workflow management.

The very fact that social media has been used all throughout in the internet age have allowed us to gather immediate insights of what customers want, as well as noticing rapid trend changes of tastes – as seen in the fast moving consumer goods sector. It further provides us with a direct-response reach out and to be engaged with consumers and even professional communities, making the expansion of our concentrated juices easily. 

And through having a production capacity that is efficient, machineries are used and also integrated to produce yield consistency. This can be seen not just with Nutrifres, but also across various manufacturers. Robotics are also further used to substitute manual laboring, where the latter can be risked for safety / injuries, as well as causing hygiene or contamination issues in the production. With Nutrifres, about 95% of our juice concentrate manufacturing are automated for these reasons.

In the same note, we are still striving to improve the automation processes of our work – through continuous R&D (research and development) or innovation exploring.

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