Juice Concentrate Overview

When we were kids, fruit juice was our all-time favorite beverage. The grownups will always bring us fruit juice as our main beverage, regardless of flavor. And, every time we took a sip, we wondered where the fruit juice came from. Is there any faucet attached to the fruit, so we can turn it on and the fruit juice would flow out, or is there a fruit-looking man who appeared out of nowhere and suddenly made the fruit juice as seen on TV commercials? But the strange thing is that as we get older, we understand a lot of things and realize that actually the TV commercials are showing kids something that makes no sense. So, here are the quick facts about fruit juice.

Fresh fruit is used to make fruit juice from concentrate. Fruit concentrate is made by removing the water from fruit pulp and filtering it out. Sterile, non-sterile, and frozen storage options are available for the concentrate product. These methods have been utilized in the past to maximize its transit throughout the globe, with much the same quantity of water drained from it being reconstituted once it reaches the juice manufacturing location. Fruit concentrate is more convenient to preserve and carry than liquid juice, making juice from concentrate more popular.

In the Philippines, there are several companies that distribute juice concentrate, with Nutrifres being one of the most well-known juice concentrate distributors. For the fruit juice concentrate, we designed a variety of flavors to offer, including lemon juice concentrate, orange juice concentrate, mango juice concentrate, and many more. You name it!

Since its establishment, Nutrifres Food & Beverage Industries Sdn Bhd has earned five specialized certifications: Halal certification, Makanan Selamat Tanggungjawab Industri (MeSTI), Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), and Certificate of Appreciation award.

Our fruit juice concentrates are actually very versatile and may be used in a variety of dishes, aside from just preparing a simple fruit juice. If you’re cooking Orange Chicken, for example, you may prepare the coating sauce with orange juice concentrate. Other than that, you may also sprinkle mango juice concentrate over your Crema de Mangga (Mango Float cake) as a topping. It all comes down to your imagination and creativity when it comes to making unique recipes using our fruit juice concentrate.

Our juice concentrate is made from locally grown fresh fruits. The first step in making juice concentrate is to clean everything thoroughly. This is done to ensure the removal of any microorganisms or possibly hazardous substances. After the skin has been carefully removed, the fruits will be extracted. In addition, the fruit juice concentrate is made entirely of fruit juice. Our products are brought fresh from the farm and prepared within a certain amount of time.

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