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Juice Concentrate Recipe Overview

You are in the supermarket looking for concentrated juice to make a juice concentrate recipe and you are spoilt for choice. You see a lot of fruit juice concentrate labelings. What is a concentrated juice recipe? It is generally made from fruit juice concentrate. Depending on the type, juice concentrates may offer some essential nutrients, including vitamins and minerals. When you start reading the nutrition label on the bottle, there is a good chance you’ll see – made from natural fruits. This leaves a lot of consumers wondering, are fruit juice concentrates considered healthy?

Juice concentrates are meant to be diluted with filtered water prior consumption. There are many types of juice concentrates out there in the market, some are healthier than others. Nutrifres fruit juice concentrates are packed with most of the nutrients and are only sweetened with natural fruit sugar. They can be quite appealing because they are so easy to store. What’s more, concentrated juice can be an affordable alternative to freshly squeezed juice. They do not spoil easily and they are also convenient to those who might not have access to fresh fruits. With Nutrifres fruit juice concentrates, you can have an endless amount of juice concentrate recipes. You can simply mix it with cold filtered water to make it as normal juice or you can use it as a flavoring agent. You can go extremely creative with the ideas. Some examples of juice concentrate recipes that you can create are smoothies, ice blended, baking such as cakes and traditional kuih, cocktails, mocktails, desserts such as jelly and fruit jams – or anything else that you can think of! There are no limits to the juice concentrate recipe that you can do by using Nutrifres fruit juice concentrates.

One simple and easy juice concentrate recipe that you can do at home is orange juice. Add 1 cup of cold filtered water and 1 tablespoon of Nutrifres Orange juice concentrate together in a glass. Give it a gentle stir until all the mixture is well blended. Add 1 cup of ice cubes and top it off with a slice of orange. You may also add ½ cup of fizzy drink into the mixture to make it sort of a fizzy summer drink. There you go – a very quick juice concentrate recipe. A cool refreshing orange juice with no preservatives or flavorings. Fruits like Pineapple, Orange and Mango are rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants, thus we can say that Nutrifres fruit juice concentrates may be the best alternative for everyone. Nutrifres fruit juice concentrates are cholesterol free but may contain Sulphur Dioxide. Recommended to shake well before using, store in a cool and dry place to extend their shelf life. Overall, juice from concentrates without any added sugar is as healthy as fresh fruit juice. They are more convenient to store, financial-friendly and provide a sufficient amount of antioxidants for our body.

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