Newer Opportunities Leveraged With Juice Concentrates

Globalization have brought an inventive twist towards Nutrifres, that recognizing the importance of intercontinental relationships for exporting, state-of-the-art technologies have been used to meet and connect with the demands of the ever-changing world.

In reaching out from our staunch commitment of enabling the food and beverage community, business networking and market exposure is reinforced with the successful usage of our juice concentrates. These are our key highlights that represents the pinnacle of Nutrifres:

Regional Distributor's Feedback

We are a Food & Beverage trading company located in Guangzhou China. Our sourcing of good quality products does come from around the world. One of it is Nutrifres, which we have close ties all the way from Malaysia. I got into using this juice concentrate manufacturer because it's been established for over more than 20 years - alongside its well-trained exporting and logistic teams. We have also been dealing with Nutrifres for more than 10 years, and we are always grateful for the prompt response, updates and smooth progress without worries.
Mr. Li
Food & Beverage Importer (China)
Our experience with Nutrifres was extremely valuable as it opened up unique opportunities for Brunei companies to produce quality goods. We are grateful for how Nutrifres Team introduced juice concentrates and its use is compared against cordials and syrups, which helped form a new line of business angle centred to conscious consumerism in these challenging times.
William Hu
Head of the Trade Section, Embassy of Brunei (Brunei)

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